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Welcome to
Storytellers Wildweek! 

Storytellers Wildweek began in 2004. Each year, a different nationally known presenter brings their expertise in storytelling to a small group of eager learners. Many of the learners attend every year, some of the learners will be attending for the first time. All go away vowing to return. A few of the presenters have enjoyed the week to the extent they return as attendees. A testament to the magic of this week.


Heather Forest. "A true troubadour... even the narrative parts of her storytelling seem to be sung; her delivery is so precise and compelling, she just draws one into her spell. Her stories are lovely, magical things and her singing voice is true, simple, and unadorned." - Martha’s Vineyard Times, MA

Join us...

At Wildacres Retreat Center

in the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains

of North Carolina




An Incredible Opportunity


   -  The Inside Story: Storytelling and the Creative Process

     - Improving Your Telling. Coaching and tweaking of your stories: brand new, semi- ready, or polished stories.


     - Storytelling Concert with Heather Forest June 30, 8pm

     - Ghost Stories around the Bonfire July 3, 8pm

     -  Storytelling Concert with Wild Week Attendees July 4, 8pm


· Relax in the cool of the Blue Ridge Mountains near

            Little Switzerland, NC

· Just off the Blue Ridge Parkway (and a chance to explore)

· Three glorious meals a day    (No cooking or clean-up!!!)

· Views, Views, Views!

· Tell, Tell, Tell!!!

· Fun!!! FUN!!! FUN!!!


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